This training program, specially designed for the Product Owners and enriched with real-life practices, supports the competence development of the participants with the help of the highly experienced experts in the sector and guides them to develop successful products through practical information.


  • Unlike the other few-day trainings in the world, you will improve your product management skills with a 5-month practical concentrated content,
  • You will gain competence in important areas such as benefiting from the advantage of fast release into the market, earlier value delivery, guiding the product by involving the customer in the process, evolving product development, prioritization, development of a value-oriented perspective and product demand management,
  • You will learn the essential conditions for achieving high value from Agile approaches,
  • You will have the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with industry experts and other participants who are trying to advancing in a similar path like yours,
  • You will have the certificate of participation for the Product Owner Empowerment Program.


This program is implemented as a workshop in classes of minimum 10 participants between 12:00 and 5:00 p.m. once or twice a month for 5 months and it is carried out by world-renowned professionals with high industrial experience.

In order to be able to effectively benefit and graduate from this program, which has a concentrated content, the participants will have to conduct additional 15-20-hour monthly studies between the course sessions.


1. Workshop

Role of Product Owner

2. Workshop

Product vision,

3. Workshop

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Concept, Strategic Prioritization and Planning Practices, Suggestions to Create a Lean and Effective Product

4. Workshop

Backlog Management and Metrics

5. Workshop

Interaction with stakeholders, team interaction, Product Owner’s role in Scrum meetings

Product Owner Empowerment


In order to earn the certificate of participation for the Product Owner Empowerment Program, the program participants will have to:

  • have 80% or more participation in workshops,
  • complete all assignments and exercises successfully,
  • achieve 70% or more success in the test exams to be conducted.


  • To have at least 6 months or more Agile project experience,
  • To have an Agile certification of PSM I, CSM, etc.
  • To continue to be actively involved in an Agile project during the program, if possible.