Agile Portfolio & Project Management Tool

ORANGILE is a tool that supports the agile teams and corporate agility of your organization. Orangile teams have been defined to substantially increase the transparency of Backlogs (job lists), metrics measured, portfolios and dependencies, and to support the single or scaled multiple teams that use Scrum, Nexus or Nexus+.

The features it supports are Backlog (job list), Sprint, team, dependency, task management, performance reporting, team- and backlog-based metrics. These features are intended to increase the level of perception of the team by increasing transparency to minimize the risk of the product's locking the version management due to the possible bottleneck and job-team dependency awaiting you in the future. You can monitor your portfolio with Orangile, it supports your solution groups with multiple teams, phases and products in your entity, enhances the transparency of your company, and supports the portfolio rules of your company.

What is the Difference with Orangile?

Orangile has been developed only with agile mentality as opposed to its competitors. This ensures that Orangile is easily used, understood, and adapted to all agile entities through several customizations that can be made.