DevOps Check-Up

The goal behind our DevOps Check-Up services is to measure the maturity of your organization in the fields of CultureQualityOperation and Software, etc., and to find the requirements which will allow it to reach the level of today’s modern organizations.

DevOps Smart Health Check

DevOps Smart consulting package starts with Health Check process as the first step. DevOps Smart Health Check aims to evaluate your team in terms of “Culture”, “Quality Control”, “Technology & Operation” and “Software Development”, and to reveal the current status.

In this step it is especially important to identify the fast gain points that can generate more interest and motivation to ensure the widespread development of the DevOps culture and to make existing cultural and technical barriers or problems visible for the to the transition of the whole organization to DevOps culture

Throughout this step, our DevOps consultants carry out studies with regards to conducting interviews and evaluation involving the software development, quality and operation departments within your organization, conducting the technical process analyses, organising the team visits, and preparing the analysis report.

Through the evaluation approach of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), you can measure DevOps performance of your organization, and compare your entity’s DevOps approaches with similar organizations.

Using DORA platform, our DevOps consultants shall work with the specialists of your organization with regard to:

  • Measuring our organization’s performance
  • Its comparisons with other organizations
  • Determination of the priorities specific for you, supports you in creating your DevOps roadmap.

ACM is the sole authorized partner of DORA in Turkey.