DevOps Uygulama

This phase is the implementation of practices at tactical level for the widespread of the DevOps culture. This stage varies based on the experience of the organization where the service are being offered by way of Agile methods. If the organization does not have an Agile perspective, it is first ensured that agility is created by means of the Agile Coaching service.

At this stage, the goal is to establish two teams that will follow the DevOps practices, to start the use of technology and tools in line with the DevOps and organization culture, to create the infrastructure that will ensure the creation of DevOps culture, to provide the environment that will allow the Agile teams to carry out the deliveries by themselves. Using the gains achieved in this phase, it is sought to increase the number of the teams that follow the DevOps practices according to the structure of the organization.
Furthermore, development of the Agile development teams in relation to the topics of software development, code, quality, etc. shall be ensured in this phase.