Organization structures and management processes should evolve in accordance with the requirements of the new era in order to become a leading company that creates market in the new economy age, shapes the competition. Accordingly, first of all there is need for innovation in the hierarchical organization structures and management models.

Agility carries the meaning of being an organization which has strong team play, progresses with value prioritization, continuously produces value for its customers, works closely with and develops by learning from its customers, adapts to the change and even creates the change.

Acquiring Agility

  • Experienced team which is specialized mainly in the field of Agile approaches, respected in the international arena, and committed to their jobs
  • More than 10 years of experience in different sectors like Banking, Telecom, E-Commerce, Media, Insurance
  • Transformation successes achieved at different scales from large corporate organizations to Start-Ups
  • An approach that helps you prepare your solution and your working method toward the target you want to achieve instead of predefined replicated suggestions
  • Pioneer and leader in Turkey and its region (international experience; UK, Greece, Qatar, etc.)
  • Has the largest specialized staff in its region
  • With its international partnerships, not only following up the changes in the world, but also orienting such developments (Agile Alliance,, Lean Kanban University, etc.)
  • Believing in sharing of knowledge and experiences, accordingly, supporting many Agile communities in its region (Agile Turkey, Agile Middle East, Agile Greece, etc.)