Agile Team Coaching

Whether you are in an agile transformation that targets the entire organization or a specific area , one of the most important steps in the process is formation of Agile teams and the successful implementation of Agile practices and processes with the support of these teams At this point, along with the specialist support, the following items are importance;

  • Setting up the correct team formation, and supporting team play throughout the process


  • Set up clear team vision and targets


  • Selecting the correct Agile practices to be implemented by the team


  • Supporting the team for the implementation of new practices throughout the process


  • Competencies of the new roles within the team

Our Approach

Throughout the Team Coaching process, the basic rules of team play and experimentation are used to form team that continuously learn and progress for the better through work by the specialist ACM Agile coach in close contact with the respective team. Correct metric selection and accurate measurements of the metrics are of critical importance to understand success of the experiments. Short cycles are preferred reduce the risk of error causing substantial damage and to swiftly achieve successful results . In this way, the teams observe the results of their decisions, and can take better decisions through verification of data. Continuity of the team play and experimental environment is supported throughout the process to ensure development of the team's decision-making self-confidence. Thus, once the coaching service come to an end, the organization will be experienced to improve its processes by itself and to be able to continue its development.